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No Post This Week

Sorry – some photo fubar obstructs my attempt to post about guacamole. I’ll see what I can do about double posting next Monday to make up for it. 🙂


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Hi! This, as is probably obvious, is my food blog Improvisational Soup. Why “Improvisational Soup”? Well, apart from it being fun to say “Improvisational Soup”, I plan to share with you my “modular cooking” style. That’s a fancy way of saying that I don’t like to measure ingredients or put things I don’t like to eat in my meals just because a recipe says I should. I’m also not a huge fan of setting timers or keeping my food ethnically segregated. When I started learning to depart from recipes, I started with soup. Soup is still the easiest thing to cook improvisationally, and it is also my favorite category of food (if we take care to first exclude desserts from the candidates).

I don’t yet have a good idea of how frequently I will update here. It will probably vary widely. However, my first post that is actually about food should be online in a day or two.

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